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The LABGeM team at Genoscope regularly organizes training courses dedicated to the analysis of bacterial genomes via the use of the MicroScope platform at the University of Évry.
The course "Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform" lasting 4.5 days is aimed at:

  • acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge of genome annotation tools (structural and functional annotation, metabolic networks annotation)
  • knowing how to interpret the results of functional annotation tools
  • knowing how to carry out various comparative analyzes: analyzes of conserved syntenia, pan-genomes, phylogenetic and metabolic profiles
  • learning to interpret the results of metabolic network prediction tools and search for candidate genes for enzymatic activities
  • applying those tools to the analysis of genomes of interest to the participants 

Each session is made up of half theory and half practical work. During the training, participants have the opportunity to work on their own data during practical work.
This training is aimed at doctoral students, engineers, researchers, experienced biological or medical laboratory technicians. It concerns both people who already have an annotation project on the MicroScope platform and wishing to deepen its use, as well as those wishing to learn microbial genomics.
In addition, if you are a user of the MicroScope platform and you have already followed the training "Annotation and analysis of prokaryotic genomes using the MicroScope platform" a few years ago we have implemented a new training , the "MicroScope Platform - Advanced Course" training in order to update your knowledge on the latest evolutions of the platform and to deepen some of its major functionalities.
This training, lasting 2 days, will consolidate your use of the platform but also go further:

  • Presentation of the evolutions of the MicroScope platform
  • Presentation of the new flagship features of the MicroScope platform
  • Presentation of tools for RNA-seq analyzes
  • Deepening of the functionalities allowing the exploration of the bacterial metabolism
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30/ an
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10 jours / an
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Analyzing prokaryotic genomes with the MicroScope platform
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