Train the Trainers
ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Train-the-Trainers (TtT)
Du 26-03-2018 au 27-03-2018 à l'Institut Pasteur
Date limite d'inscription: 15-03-2018




ELIXIR-FR in collaboration with ELIXIR-IT and Swiss Institute of Bionformatics (SIB) are pleased to announce a Train the Trainer (TtT) event.




There is no course attendance fee. The participants will need to bear their travel, hotel (if any) and lunches costs. ELIXIR-FR will cover coffee breaks.



Patricia Palagi (TrC Elixir-Switzerland, SIB)
Allegra Via (TrC Elixir-Italy, IBPM-CNR)
Rochelle E. Tractenberg (Georgetown University Medical Center)


Local organisers

Victoria Dominguez Del Angel, TrC Elixir-France, French Insitute of Bioinformatics UMS3601-CNRS, Campus Universitaire d'Orsay, France
Hervé Ménager, Pasteur Institute, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Hub – C3BI, USR 3756 IP CNRS – Paris, France



The course is made up of four sessions, covering:


Target Audience

Whoever is interested in becoming a teacher or a better one. If you have questions like the following ones, this course may be very helpful to you.

  • How learning works?
  • How can I use learning principles and theories to improve my teaching?
  • How can I make my teaching more engaging and effective?
  • How should I adjust my teaching to different types of learners?
  • How can I help slow learners?
  • How can I assess whether my students are actually understanding my lessons? Are they actually learning?
  • What is the best balance between theory and practice?
  • How can I best assess whether learning is occurring and/or has occurred?
  • What works in a classroom and what doesn’t?
  • How can I become a better teacher?
  • Etc.

Preliminary Programme

Time Activity



09.00 - 09.30

Introductions, who is who and what we need to achieve

09.30 - 12.30

Session 1: Review of learning principles and how they apply to training and teaching

14.00 - 18.00

Session 2: Training techniques that can be used to enhance learner engagement and participation



09.00 - 12.30

Session 3: Session, course, and materials design

14.00 - 18.00

Session 4: Assessment and feedback in training


Learning Objectives:

  • To get acquainted with Learning principles and how they apply to training
  • To be able to select and utilise training techniques that can be used to enhance learner engagement and participation
  • To learn how to use assessment and feedback in training
  • To learn about session, course, and materials design

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learners can name learning principles that a good teacher/instructor should have in mind
  • Learners can describe at least three training techniques, drawing on learning principles
  • Learners can design a training session and a course
  • Learners can develop assessment questionnaires
  • Learners can enumerate types of materials needed for each part of a training session or course


We will accept a maximum of 25 participants. Priority will be given to candidates from Elixir- France and ELIXIR nodes. Notifications of acceptance will be sent shortly after the application, which will remain open until we reach 25 participants.

To register use this Link:



Institut Pasteur,

25-28 Rue du Dr Roux, 75015 Paris