Genopole Summer School
Bioinformatic and Biostatistic tools in medical genomics
Du 04-07-2017 au 07-07-2017 à Châteauform' Seine Port (77)
Date limite d'inscription: 20-04-2017

Summer School Genopole 2017

Bioinformatic and Biostatistic tools in Medical Genomics


4 - 7 JULY 2017 Campus of Chateauform’ Seine Port (77)

The programme will cover statistical methodologies and bioinformatic tools used in genomics and metagenomics in the context of a comprehension approach of pathological mechanisms.
The course will include lectures by guest speakers as well as hands-on computer sessions* with experts in the field.

The course is intended for researchers, engineers and PhD already involved or planning to start their research projects in the field of genomics for medical research.

It is limited to 20 participants, in order to ensure the highest quality in the to the interactions and to the practical sessions. For this reason, registration will include a selection step by the organizing committee.
Deadline for pre-registration 20 April 2017


Cloud Session : In collaboration with Australia's EMBL-ABR and GVL


Practical information

This is a residential summer school. Hence, all sessions will take place in the Campus of Chateauform’ Les Berges de Seine, in a nature area close to Paris. Participants will be hosted in the campus with accommodation and meals all included in the registration fees.

In order to ensure a high quality of instruction, places are limited to 20 participants and will be granted upon a selection step based on a short description of current / upcoming research and on a brief test included in the registration form.

The course will start on the 4th of July afternoon and will end on the 7th of July 2017.



- The programme of the practical sessions requires a working knowledge of UNIX system (use of UNIX commands, create and modify files…).
- In order to ensure a homogeneous level among the participants a short test is included in the registration form (script language and statistics).

* Participants shall bring their own laptop



Keynotes session (up to date topics with high level speakers)
Bioinformatics applied to medical genomics – impact and upcoming application
Gut microbiome and diseases
Genome plasticity analysis

Partners sessions (presentation of tools and infrastructures)
France Genomique Infrastructure
GenMed programme
IFB Cloud Infrastucture
Bioinformatic support and development

Poster sessions
Presentation of posters by the applicants

Practical sessions (hands-on sessions with expert scientists)
Generation and analysis of data
Variation in the human genome (SNPs, CNV...)
Statistical methods (quantification and differential expression, inference, quantitative genetics…)
Strategies for exploring the microbiota in the scope of human health (use of marker gene tools, bioinformatic strategies…)

Round table (with guest speakers)
Nation wide strategies for translating genomic approaches into clinical decision making : impact on health care systems, massive data management and ethics.

Speakers and guests (confirmed)
→ Mathieu ALMEIDA, University of Maryland
→ Christophe AMBROISE, Université d’Evry-Val d’Essonne
→ Jacques BECKMANN, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
→ Karine CLEMENT, ICAN, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
→ Stéphane CRUVEILLER, Genoscope, CEA
→ Jean-François DELEUZE, Centre national de génotypage,IG - CEA
→ Victoria DOMINGUEZ DEL ANGEL, Institut Français de Bioinformatique
→ Adrien JOSSO, Genoscope IG-CEA
→ Pierre LE BER, Institut de genomique CEA
→ Yves LEVY, Inserm and Aviesan
→ Valentin LOUX, Inra
→ Vincent MEYER, Centre national de génotypage CEA
→ Todd TREANGEN, University of Maryland
→ Daniel ZERBINO, EMBL EBI Cambridge UK



Scientific committee

→ Roxane BRACHET coordinator, Genopole
→ Jean-François DELEUZE, Centre national de génotypage,IG - CEA
→ Victoria DOMINGUEZ DEL ANGEL, Institut Français de Bioinformatique, Elixir
→ Pierre LE BER, Institut de génomique, CEA
→ Claudine MEDIGUE, Genoscope, Institut de génomique, CEA
→ Francis QUETIER, Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne
→ Pierre TAMBOURIN, Genopole

Registration is being processed by the genopole website. To register, use this link

All participants will stay at the "Campus des Berges de Seine" in Seine-Port, Paris area.

Address :
Campus des berges de Seine 
1 route de Beaulieu (D39) 
77240 Seine Port

Live in Campus…
You will be accomodated in individual room or in cottages for 2 participants : don’t hesitate to inform your organiser of your preferences to share theses cosy cottages nested in full nature.

Dress in Campus…
Your seminar will take place on a side of a hill… Hence, to be comfortable in your moves, it is recommended that to come in flat shoes as well as convenient clothes.

Enjoy Campus…
During your free times, a coach is waiting for you in a 1000 square meter Spa,
ping-pong, football, tennis, .... all freely accessible.

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Campus ’Les berges de Seine’

Châteauform’ (77)